Machining center, also known as CNC machining center, is a mechanical equipment developed from CNC milling machines, and is a milling machine controlled by digital signals of electronic meters. However, it is different from ordinary CNC milling machines, it has the ability to automatically exchange processing tools, and can install tools for different purposes on the tool magazine. The machining tool on the spindle can be changed through the automatic tool changer in one clamping to realize various machining functions.
Machining center is an automatic processing equipment developed on the basis of general CNC milling machine. Its processing function is very strong. It not only has strong adaptability and flexibility for parts processing, but also can process parts that cannot be processed by ordinary machine tools or are difficult to process. With high processing precision and stable and reliable processing quality, it is widely used in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing industry.
Classification of CNC machining centers
Machining centers are often divided into vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, gantry machining centers and universal machining centers according to the state of the spindle in space. A machining center whose spindle is vertical in space is called a vertical machining center, and a machining center whose spindle is horizontal in space is called a horizontal machining center.
1. CNC vertical machining center
The structure of CNC vertical machining center is mostly fixed column type, and the worktable is rectangular, which is suitable for processing disc, sleeve and plate parts. Vertical machining centers usually have three linear motion coordinates, XYZ axes, and a fourth axis A axis can also be installed on the worktable.
The vertical machining center is easy to clamp, easy to operate, easy to observe the processing situation, and easy to debug the program. However, due to the influence of the height of the column and the tool changing mechanism, it cannot process parts that are too high. The vertical machining center has a simple structure, small footprint and low price.
2. CNC horizontal machining center
The cnc horizontal machining center usually adopts a mobile column, and the headstock moves up and down along the guide rail between the two columns. Horizontal machining centers usually have three linear motion coordinates. Facing the machine tool, the left and right movement is the X axis, the front and rear movement is the Z axis, and the up and down movement is the Y axis. Horizontal machining centers can also install a fourth axis A-axis on the table. It can process helical wire, cylindrical cam and other parts.
The horizontal machining center is inconvenient to observe during debugging and cutting, inconvenient to monitor during machining, and inconvenient to clamp and measure parts, but it is easy to arrange and cut during machining. Compared with the vertical machining center, the horizontal machining center has a complex structure, a large area and a higher price.
3. CNC gantry machining center
Most of the spindles of cnc gantry machining centers are vertical, with ATC system, and with replaceable spindle head accessories, and the system software has many functions. It can be used for multiple purposes in one machine, and is suitable for processing large parts.
4. CNC universal machining center
The universal machining center, that is, the five-sided machining center, has the functions of a vertical machining center and a horizontal machining center.
All side and top surfaces can be processed except the mounting surface.
There are two common universal machining centers. One is that the spindle can rotate 90°, which can work like a vertical machining center or a horizontal machining center. The other is that the spindle does not change direction, and the worktable rotates 90° with the workpiece, which can complete the processing of five faces.
In addition, according to the number and function of the workbench, it can be divided into single workbench machining center, double workbench machining center and multi workbench machining center.
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