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The main function of the portable diamond nail drill set is described. This product contains a variety of functions, and it is practical and portable. It is your good choice.
This portable diamond nail drill set is a great tool for any nail technician or student. It can be rechargeable and comes with two speed settings, as well as a dual direction rotation. These features are essential for nail technicians. This tool is also convenient for students, as it is lightweight and can easily be taken anywhere.
Diamond Nail Drill Set Two Speed Settings
The Dual speed diamond nail drill set consists of diamond drill bits that are designed to clean under the nail, sidewalls, and even cuticles. Its ball-shaped diamond drill bit allows you to focus on a specific area without cutting the nail. It's also great for back fills because it won't remove excessive skin.
The diamond bits included with the set are sized appropriately for your nail bed. The column shape is the most common, and allows you to get deeper into the nail bed. This shape also makes it easier to clean because the tip is flat. Unlike the Tungsten Carbide nail drill bits, the column drill bit requires slower drilling, as a fast drill bit will heat up quickly and create unnecessary heat.
For beginners, this type of nail drill will not work. You'll need to use a different handpiece with this drill, and it may not have a rotating base like a normal one. It is best for nail technicians who know how to use the tool. This type of drill requires a table that is high enough to accommodate the shaft.
This nail drill set contains three bits for drilling nails, filing, and varnishing. It's easy to use, easy to store, and comes with a variety of tools and accessories to help you get the job done. These nail drills also make it easy to fill your nails. You can also use the drill to clean your nails. And with their high-quality design, they don't let dust get into the nail.
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