by on December 27, 2021
Last year, Bandai Namco delivered Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, a spic and span action RPG retelling of the enduringly famous manga property. Players would remember the narrative of the anime, from the primary battle with Raditz in the Saiyan Saga to the climactic completion against Kid Buu from the Buu Saga. This game has managed to come to most accessible consoles, with Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot's Nintendo Switch port being delivered a couple of months prior packaged with the "A New Power Awakens" DLC Episodes.
Notwithstanding, in spite of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot's Switch version getting some new content, there was one eminent component missing from its delivery. Fans saw that Dragon Ball Card Warriors, a turn-based card fight mode, was totally missing from the Switch version. This mode was a high speed card fight game where players expected to reduce the HP of their opponent's group chief to nothing. It had one or two online multiplayer modes, as well, like Casual Mode, Ranking Battle, and surprisingly a Tournament Battle mode.
This mode was at that point accessible on other platforms through a free update last year, where Bandai Namco had guaranteed that it would show up later in the Fall. This obviously didn't work out, as Bandai Namco confirmed in a Twitter post that the Dragon Ball Card Warriors Switch update had been deferred. The post didn't layout a particular reason, only taking note of that the postponement was because of an adjustment of the improvement plan.
The post then apologized to fans who were sitting tight for this YuGiOh-inspired Dragon Ball mode to be delivered on the Switch, taking note of that the group is as of now working industriously to make the mode work on the well known mixture console. Unfortunately, Bandai Namco didn't give a particular date or delivery window for when this mode will come to the Nintendo Switch, adding to the failure.
This news will probably leave Switch proprietors of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot irritated, considering that the individuals who have managed to play this mode on other consoles have detailed it to be a pleasant encounter. Other fans may be similarly irritated that a fun minigame like this is attached to a the maximum game, rather than it being a standalone versatile side project like Hearthstone or Elder Scrolls: Legends. There additionally isn't any post-send off help for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot left, as the third and last DLC story focused on Future Trunks was delivered recently, but to much acclaim. Ideally, fans get news about another delivery window soon.
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