by on December 25, 2021
Destiny 2's 30th Anniversary Pack was released just two weeks prior, and it as of now has been viewed as a major event transformer for Bungie's bandit shooter in numerous ways. For starters, the DLC features an incredible 6-player action that comes with a convincing interactivity circle, yet additionally provides a great deal of strong plunder as weapons inspired by Bungie's past work. The Grap of Avarice Dungeon is also a very much delivered piece of content for Destiny 2, and it comes with Artifice Armor from Master mode, which provides players with an additional a slot for relic mods in particular.
Among the various new swords that the 30th Anniversary Pack brought to the game, players are especially amped up for an advantage called Eager Edge, which can move on both Half-Truths and The Other Half. This advantage is the reason sword skating is back in Destiny 2, and keeping in mind that some players are upset that it didn't come to Worldline Zero - probably the best sword to use for quick movements in the game - Eager Edge is a significant large expansion.
A Reddit user by the name of ProfessorLankto shared a clasp of them playing through The Corrupted Strike on their Hunter, using a mix of Shatterdive and Eager Edge. The manner in which this works is by swapping weapons to any sword with Eager Edge and using a weighty assault, and at the same time, bouncing and hitting Shatterdive, which provides the all around boosted rush from the sword additional thrust coming from the capacity. The result is that the Hunter is equipped for traversing immense distances with a single swing, which permitted ProfessorLankto to get to The Corrupted boss in just two jumps.
Because everything that could be easily killed a Guardian, players may need to "hit the brakes" assuming they need to, and that should be possible by swinging the sword by and by. Still, the combo is not exceptionally easy to accomplish for Destiny 2 veterans, not to mention newcomers, and it does include a drawn-out period of time of rehearsing it. Some players have even been sword skating in the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon to finish the Sparrow section, yet without a Sparrow.
Speaking of which, Destiny 2's new Dungeon boss can be killed with one skirmish hit assuming players consolidate several buffs to do that while using a center tree Sunbreaker Titan with Tractor Cannon and a One-Two Punch shotgun. Still, the way that sword skating is back and that Hunters can take it to another level can be significant in terms of interactivity pushing ahead.
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