by on December 25, 2021
Animal Crossing: New Horizons has seen a resurgence of prominence of late thanks to the appearance of the Happy Home Paradise DLC. Nonetheless, while a lot of new items and features have been added to the game, some things haven't changed a piece from the first release. One Animal Crossing: New Horizons player as of late caused to notice the way that their game's regular water is starting to look yellowish, causing it to seem unsafe to drink.
As the game takes put on a series of islands, Animal Crossing: New Horizon features a great deal of water, most of which looks fine. Nonetheless, the faucet water specifically seems to have taken on a yellowish hint. This isn't the first time Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have seen something odd with regards to the water, however it very well might be the most important - and image capable.
Redditor JoeHeroOfArdania shared a screenshot of a sink in their home which appears to include recognizably yellow water spilling out of the tap and arriving in the sink. Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers a wide assortment of inside design options to players, including various sinks, yet these furniture items regularly offer clear water. It very well might be possible that the picture's warm lighting caused the water to seem discolored. In any case, as the stainless steel sink found on the Ironwood Kitchenette thing JoeHeroOfArdania used doesn't seem to mirror the same yellow hint, it appears the odd shading is coming from the water itself.
Different users shared their thoughts on the unusual picture and concocted several possible theories for what could be continuing. Several users estimated the water was infused with lemon, while various others started discussing whether or not Tom Nook was wanting to poison JoeHeroOfArdania. Opinions seem, by all accounts, to be split on whether the yellow color is from an everlasting status elixir so Tom Nook can keep players under water perpetually or on the other hand assuming that it's a poison implied for islanders who've taken care of their credit so he can resell the house and get more cash-flow.
Several users estimated that the supposed water was truth be told Mountain Dew, Gatorade, or even squeezed apple intended to fend the specialist off. Another user hypothesized that the Nook family had started deep earth drilling, a mining process which is notorious for poisoning groundwater, while a third concluded the sink was presently a brew tap. Regardless, apparently Animal Crossing: New Horizons' sea and rivers are probable unaffected, so JoeHeroOfArdania may wish to start refining water from one more source until the sink issue is fixed.
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