by on November 3, 2021
Thanks to Amazon Game Studios' approach to making New World a very welcoming experience where everyone can do whatever they want to progress, players have been having fun in many different ways. In fact, New World allows players to explore many building options because there are no preset classes or weapon combinations, and then gems can also make hybrid builds more reliable. Players can also try and experiment with fights, changing styles to be more effective, especially since positioning and AoE are very important elements of the New Worlds game.
Some players are so fond of creating and gathering skills that they become their sole objective, to the point where reaching level 60 without killing anything is entirely possible, especially considering that the tutorial can be skipped. Other players enjoy Faction Wars and Outpost Rush more than the rest of the game, and that's another great way to level up because PvP provides more experience than PvE, in general. There are also players who never join one of the three New Worlds factions for the entire experience, reaching level 60 without completing some missions. Yesterday, a Redditor named Zuljyn shared a video of them jumping off a cliff and activating a Hatchet ability called Sprint Attack, which allows players to jump forward and perform two attacks. The New World player soon lands below, killing a common turkey with the Ax for just 1 experience point, which is strange enough to make the player level up and reach level 60 in a very dramatic way. Among the various posts on how to reach level 60 in weird ways, this specific post was one that the New World community was very pleased with because of how much fun it was to watch.
Killing turkeys in New World can also unlock one of the many achievements in the game, called "Gobble Gobble", which is unlocked after a total of 100 turkey kills and grants the title of Terminator of Turkey. As such, some players were hoping to see it appear in Zuljyns notifications alongside the achievement for reaching level 60, but that was not the case.
New World is also famous for its many community memes, at this point, and they include the Sausage chat meme that is all the rage these days. Zuljyns' video is probably not the last to hit Reddit about players reaching level 60 in weird ways, but it was an admirable attempt that must have taken a bit of time to master properly.
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