by on November 3, 2021
If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then the ever-growing roster of fan art surrounding the God of War franchise is certainly a sign that the series has built an enthusiastic community around it. A recent fan-made artwork now goes a step beyond mere adulation by reimagining protagonist Kratos possibly on a journey to a whole new land.
This latest piece, posted on Reddit by user Buffybumcheeks, reinvents Kratos as if he left the Greek pantheon of the original God of War, or the new Norse myths of the most recent title. However, the fan art does not reimagine the character's origin story, rather it simply puts him in a position to wear clothing from this historic location, similar to the redesign seen in the 2018 game.
In the case of this more recent piece of God of War fan content, the artist has redesigned Kratos to wear an outfit inspired by historical Egyptian designs. This comes complete with an eagle on the front of his belt and a new weapon that some fans of this cutlery type might recognize as a Khopesh. It's an interesting design that could be drawn from an easter egg found in the most recent title, implying a connection between Kratos and the other gods of war from different pantheons like the Norse version that comes in the next title, Tyr. . The piece goes one step further than simply swapping out Kratos 'or Blades of Chaos' iconic Leviathan Ax for a new Khopesh and also touches on the classic omega symbol logo that wraps around the letters. For this Egyptian design, an Eye of Ra is used to wrap around the "of" in God of War as a way to bring the entire image to this new location along with Kratos.
Additionally, the artist has also made a similar piece that brings Atreus into this Egyptian version of the game, with more weapons and much more coverage of his new robe. Going back to the original God of War, Kratos has never been a stranger to being the subject of a considerable amount of fan art or other related content. Even with the character change in the 2018 title and the upcoming God of War: Ragnarok, the Rage Machine remains one of the most iconic characters in the PlayStation lineup. So fans will likely still have a lot more content to continue making as the series progresses, hopefully with the same impressive skill displayed as this recent Egyptian Kratos.
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