by on November 3, 2021
Microsofts Xbox Game Pass library continues to expand, with consistently good games added to the service regularly. While some games end up ditching Xbox Game Pass after a while, there are plenty that are added. These range from AAA hits like Scarlet Nexus to charming indie games like Celeste. Another standalone game will be added to the Game Pass soon, and it's a unique action roguelike known as One Step From Eden.
One Step From Eden is a game that combines several genres. Take the real-time grid-based battle mechanics of the Mega Man Battle Network series and push things further with some rogue and deck-building aspects. This allows players to take on different bosses by obtaining powerful spells and artifacts, allowing for powerful synergy and strategies. It also comes with nine playable characters, as well as dialogue options that can shape the path the story will take. One Step From Eden launched on Steam, Switch, and PS4 last year to huge success with fans and critics, and now Xbox fans will be able to experience it too. The announcement was posted on the game's official Twitter account, and with this being the first time the game will be playable for Xbox fans, many are obviously excited. The game should be a lovely companion among other Xbox Game Pass roguelikes like Hades, Enter the Gungeon, and Dead Cells.
The Twitter account does not say when One Step From Eden will be added to Xbox Game Pass, it only indicates that it is "coming soon" without a release window. Some fans asked if the game coming to the service could coincide with the next update the game will receive, and the Twitter account confirmed that it will be added approximately within the same time frame.
As mentioned above, the reception of the news that One Step From Eden is coming to Xbox Game Pass has been quite positive. Fans who have played the game on other platforms are happy that it can also be played on Xbox as it means that more people can enjoy the game. Many of them were promoting it, saying that Xbox fans who love rogue tastes will also enjoy this title, citing its deeply intricate deck-building, grid-based RTA combat, and roguelike replayability as some of its best features.
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