by on March 27, 2019

If I offered Rabbi Levi half a bacon sandwich that would not be a very intelligent share, he may accept it being polite but there is almost a 99.9999% chance it will be thrown away, that would be a waste of half a sandwich, a half a sandwich if I gave to Bob The Builder would probably be eaten in seconds, that would be an intelligent share.

In our M8 application we try to encourage M8s to share intelligently, shares are expensive, not only financially but ethically, nobody likes to be spammed with something that does not interest them, spamming is also against the law so when you begin sharing with M8 think very carefully about who you share to.

Let me give you an example:

Agent Best Bricks has listed a 4 bed roomed house in Central London for a sales price of £5,000,000 offering M8 a commission of £50,000 to find a buyer.

£5,000,000 is a great deal of money but so is £50,000 or any part share of it, it would be very tempting to share with just anybody in the hope that a buyer will eventually be found, it could happen if everybody you shared to shared to 10 people and everyone else shared to did the same the buyer would eventually be found, but the chances of that happening and everybody shared to staying happy are very slim, you may know your friends friends but do you know all of theirs and their friends and theirs etc etc??

It only takes a disgruntled M8 to not share on because he is constantly sent shares, so he kills your commission tree and your chances of you and your M8s who built it winning the commission.

If you share an item to someone who does not buy and who does not share on you've lost a share and killed a commission tree.

Now that house and that mouthwatering commission offer above, what would be the best way of getting it?

Firstly examine your friends profiles on social media, look at their friend lists, do they have any friends that look like they might buy a house in that area at that price or do any look like they might know someone who may?

Ultimately it's your call, eventually you will get the hang of it, you will see where your commission trees stop, you will find out who and who not to share with, what would be an intelligent share in this case is to find out if you had any estate agent friends, any business on M8 that lists their portfolio on M8 can share their competitors properties, the listing agent will be happy for them to do so to because they will find a buyer and there is a good chance they could be on the commission tree, being one of the first to share because they listed it.

When there is such a huge sum to be shared out, even if it went 10 levels deep the payout would still be very healthily.

So remember, when the app is launched, be wise, share intelligently!

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